Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring cleaning!

I have been neglecting getting this blog going in favour of Tumblr. Whoops.


I enjoy spring cleaning. It gives me this whole feeling of starting anew. I can throw out a bunch of crap that I no longer need/want and I can maybe bring in some stuff that I actually do need/want. There's something so nice about clearing out a room and scrubbing it down and then inevitably messing it up again.

There are, however, a few problems with cleaning out this room. First of all, I'm not the only one that lives here -- I can't exactly clean my roommate's half of the room. I mean, I'm sure she wouldn't mind, but that's creepy. Secondly, this room is so so so small. There will never be enough room for all of my stuff. There wasn't enough room when I moved in here, and as I've acquired new things throughout the year, there certainly isn't enough room now. Third, there's something mildly depressing about cleaning a room that kind of looks like a prison (white cinderblock walls are not welcoming). So all in all, the spring cleaning effort is kind of futile, because this room will always look like a prison and I will always have too much stuff for the space I've been granted.

I hope to get a few things done by April 1st, such as finish knitting Annie's sweater and turn some old unwanted shirts into new glorious things...I'm thinking a nice rainbow braided rug or maybe some sort of weird thrown-together quilt. I'm in the process of cutting up smutty magazines right now to make into decoupage. I also have to use up the rest of my hemp string and beads so I can have an excuse to buy more. I'm looking for a few new crafts to pick up, because I need some things to do during the summer. Once I actually get all organized I'll take pictures, but I don't want you all to know how slobby I am. Oh, life.

Speaking of summer, it's upon us very very quickly now...spring just officially started today. I get out of here May 10th. That's summer to me.

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